Company secretarial services

mage Registrars secretarial department has continually offered unrivalled Secretarial services to many clients in the Agricultural, manufacturing and services industry.

We have continued to provide custom tailored solutions to our esteemed clients in the following ;

Secretarial Service

  • Issue notices, attend Board/AGM meetings and take minutes
  • Prepare and file annual returns
  • Prepare relevant documents for appointment of directors and other officials of the company
  • Give advise on various company secretarial and administrative matters including stock exchange requirements
  • Assist Boards in all matters relating to company secretarial administration and management
  • Preparation of  Memorandum and articles of association ,and registration of company
  • Preparation of necessary forms of incorporation.
  • Maintenance of a wide array of statutory books e.g. Minute books, register of members, Seal registers books, Share certificates books, Company seals etc.
Company secretarial services

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