Rights Issue, Dividends,Bonus, Splits Management

We have the necessary experience, backed by advanced corporate action processing modules in our shares registration software to handle all manner of corporate actions on our shares registers

We take the project approach in all these activities, assigning staff and resources to each activity.All our staff are professionally trained in project management skills to ensure they can balance the competing factors in a project i.e. time,resources and deliverables

  • Rights Issue Processing – Our system’s Rights Issue Module processes a rights issue based on the criteria specified at the point of the issue of rights. Summary reports can immediately be printed based on whether the shareholder has taken up their rights or not.
  • Rights Issue Allocation: The system keeps a clear track of which shareholders took up their rights and which ones did not. For those rights that were not taken up, the system keeps track of which members of the public purchased them. Summary reports of this can be printed immediately.
  • Printing of Rights Issue Share Certificates: The system prints rights issue certificates and provides a reconciliation module for the said certificates (printed and dispatched, spoilt during printing, returned to sender etc).
Rights Issue, Dividends,Bonus, Splits Management

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